Be Part of Something Greater Than Dentistry


Be Part of Something Greater Than Dentistry

By Dr. Paul Uliasz, Blue Sea Dental President and Clinical Director

Is this all there is?

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this all there is? Is this all I can do and will ever do?”

At Blue Sea Dental, we believe everyone wants to feel like they are making progress in their life. We believe that everyone wants a sense of fulfillment. When you feel like you are progressing, when you feel fulfilled in your career, you can bring your best to your work and your life. For this reason, we work hard to provide all team members, regardless of their specific position, with chances to grow and advance.

When hiring for a dental job, we often hear applicants say they left their previous employer because they did not have growth opportunities. This tells us that many dental practices don’t adequately develop their team members, and this leads to attrition, usually of the best and brightest talent.  We decided early on to create an environment that fostered growth and advancement for our dental teams.  We want our team members to feel fulfilled, challenged, and like they are part of something great.

What is greater than dentistry?

This personal and professional growth is what we mean by “something greater than dentistry.”  All dental teams positively impact patient lives by providing great dentistry, educating them about oral and systemic health, and improving smiles and confidence.  At Blue Sea Dental, though we value these aspects of our work, we do not feel that is quite enough to provide the sense of fulfillment most of us want and need from our work lives.  We want to be challenged. We want to grow.

We recruit growth- and improvement-minded team members who want more than just a job.  We encourage our team members to think of their role at Blue Sea Dental as a step on their career path, whatever that may be. Toward that end, we always try to recruit for new dental jobs from within before seeking someone from outside of the practice. We also focus not only on technical and clinical skill but on skills such as communication, problem solving, and leadership which impact not only the professional side but the individual behind the surgical mask.  By investing in team members who are interested in personal growth, we believe our impact extends beyond dentistry by improving the person. Personal growth benefits the team member not only at work but in their families and communities.

Dentistry is more than just clinical skills

In dentistry, professional growth typically focuses on clinical skills. Of course, dental professionals must stay up to date on new techniques, procedures, and technology.  At Blue Sea Dental, we know that a successful dental career requires more than just great clinical ability. Success and fulfillment also depend upon interpersonal and communication skills, decision-making, problem solving with patients and fellow team members.  Our dental practices promote growth by providing team members chances to take on more responsibility, become better communicators, more effective managers, and, ultimately develop leadership skills. 

Growing pains can be good

Because our practices are always growing and seeking to improve, our teams have ample opportunity to develop their skills beyond dentistry. Practice growth is key to professional growth. The obvious reason is that a growing, thriving practice leads to more opportunities for advancement. Not so obvious is that the change, challenge, and uncertainty that comes with growth also offers team members a chance to grow personally and professionally. At Blue Sea Dental practices, we view aspects of practice growth as occasions which allow the development of skills beyond dentistry and into those personal growth areas that benefit them not only at work but in all aspects of their lives.