Our Culture


Our Culture:  We Care

Culture is far more than just some words written down in our manuals and on our websites. Culture is an attitude or a state of mind and not a thing. It is not easy to change an attitude or a belief, and that's why we place great value on culture fit when hiring dental professionals for our Southwest Florida locations.

To be the "best" means more than just having exceptional professional skills. Being the best also means meeting high emotional and behavioral standards. From the patient care coordinators at the Front Desk to the dental hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants, to the billing & insurance coordinators, each member of our team is expected to exhibit the emotional and behavioral standards listed below.

This approach results in a pleasant, productive, professional workplace you will be happy to come to each day and in which patients feel welcome and comfortable.

If you are seeking a dental job with a Blue Sea Dental practice, we suggest you carefully review the cultural values listed below. We believe these values can be observed any time you visit one of our locations.


Dental Team Smiling

Blue Sea Dental Emotional and Behavioral Values

Everyone is a Leader and a Follower

You have acquired leadership skills from someone; you were not born with them. In order to lead, you must first follow someone. Wherever you are, and whoever you are with, you are the organization. LIVE your personal values and the values of OUR organization. Promote the vision and be the culture by being the living example of what we stand for when you are with fellow team members and our patients.

Live Our Culture

Team members come from varied backgrounds and experiences. We value the diversity and experiences everyone brings to the organization. We welcome you to put that experience to work within the defined culture of OUR organization. Leave any bad habits from previous employers behind and get fully engaged in the culture we have defined for the success of our organization and everyone in it.

Respect One Another

We always treat all team members with respect, even when we may not always agree with each other. We first give the benefit of the doubt to the other person and treat them in a manner in which we would like to be treated. Express your view of the situation in a professional manner to your team member and resist talking behind that person's back. Go to the source first.

Be Early

We all want to work with a team that we can rely on. Arriving "On Time" is actually being late because you are not prepared for the day.

Be Positive

Everything that happens in our office every day has an impact on other team members and influences how we interact with our patients. Bring the best of who you are each day, and do not let personal life issues negatively affect your team members. Everyone likes to be part of a positive and pleasant work environment, and we protect our bubble from outside situations and issues we have no control over.

Be Your Word

When you commit to doing something for someone, you immediately promise to fulfill your obligation. If you cannot do what you promised to do, you must tell the person you made the commitment to before the deadline is due. We may all need help with projects and run out of time to complete something. Do what you say you will do and be your word.

Help Each Other

Each one of us likes to work in an organization where everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Everyone needs help at some time in their work, and we all have a "happy to do it" attitude. Words like "it's not my job" are not to be expressed in our organization.

Take the Initiative

Everyone in the organization is empowered to speak up, give their opinion, come up with solutions or make suggestions. It doesn't take much to identify a problem and tell everyone about it. It takes a GREAT TEAM MEMBER to identify possible solutions and act on them. Leadership is never given; it is always taken.

We Care

Our culture can be summarized in one short sentence; "We Care." We put people first before anything else. All our team members and patients know that we truly care about them as people because we are interested in who they are as individuals.

Be Polite

Everyone in our organization likes to be treated with respect. Simple sayings like "please" and "thank you," friendly gestures, and body language demonstrate an attitude of respect and cooperation.

Make it FUN
When You Can

We believe that what we do every day should be fun and rewarding. Everyone has more than one purpose in their life. Make sure what you do matches your purpose because happiness comes when we feel progress and fulfillment from what we do.

Keep it Clean

We believe that people work best in a professional environment when they feel comfortable. Keeping our office clean, organized and clutter-free is everyone's responsibility. If you see something that needs to be picked up, do it. If you see something during the day that needs to be cleaned up in order for our patients to feel comfortable, just do it.

Embrace Change

Changes always take place no matter what we do. We intend to make changes positive, healthy, and beneficial to the team and our patients. Participate in the changes with enthusiasm. If you have a different opinion, please speak up and let us hear it.