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What We Do Management and Operational Support

Management & Operational Support

Blue Sea Dental has established, proven systems for marketing, technology management, human resources, accounting/finance, compliance, business development, lab/supplies, and cost-effective equipment acquisition . Every Blue Sea practice is supported in these areas so our Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants are free to focus on patient care and providing a superior patient experience. The Blue Sea Dental leadership team gets to know each team member at each location. Although united by our underlying core values and supported by our corporate office, each of our practices has its own unique identity that reflects its team and the community it serves.

Employee Benefits Meeting

Team Development and Continued Education

We believe in self-improvement and life-long learning. We only hire the best; we cultivate a positive work environment at each of our Southwest Florida locations. We mentor and develop people and provide career pathways, not just a job. Regardless of if you are a dentist, a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, a patient care coordinator, a billing & insurance coordinator or an office manager, you will have opportunities to develop. We invest in our teams so that they can grow individually and be able to provide our patients with the latest procedures, techniques, and the best experience possible.


Giving Back to Community

We are grateful to the communities we serve - Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Estero, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and Naples, FL. We feel strongly that we have a duty to give back to those communities. Each location contributes to its individual community and collectively the Blue Sea Dental group holds Free Dental Days through Smiles for the Community. At these events, we come together to donate our time and our skills to provide free dental care to those who otherwise do not have access.

Blue Sea Dental Patient Centered Practices in Southwest Florida

Building Patient-Centered Practices

A truly Patient-Centered practice always places patients' benefits as a first priority. At Blue Sea Dental's practices, we always put our patients first when making decisions and treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves. We work hard to increase value for our patients, improve their experience with us and build lasting relationships.

We help our dental teams exceed the expectations of every patient.

Our Promise to Our Patients

  • Blue Sea Dental

    Genuine gratitude for choosing our practice and allowing us to serve them and their families

  • Blue Sea Dental

    A warm and friendly atmosphere at every visit

  • Blue Sea Dental

    A clean and safe environment

  • Blue Sea Dental

    Compassionate team members who will listen to our patient's needs

  • Blue Sea Dental

    Quality, affordable, and convenient patient care

  • Blue Sea Dental

    Well explained treatment plans and various financial options

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