Aesthetics in the Dental Office: Putting a New Face on Your Practice


Aesthetics in the Dental Office: Putting a New Face on Your Practice

Mario Polanco, DDS, Partner Dentist

Refresh your practice with facial aesthetic services

I have been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years. Like most dentists, I spent most of my career doing the same procedures with repetitive motions and positions. Technology and industry advances have made it very convenient to add more services to my practice.

Two years ago, I decided to add to my knowledge and practice offerings by venturing into facial aesthetics. This has added a new way of looking at and treating my patients. I not only can fix and enhance their smile with dental treatments, but I can also do enhancements to frame of the mouth, the face.

Overcoming patient concerns

I knew facial aesthetics would be a good service to add but I wondered if patients would be doubtful to get this treatment from their dentist. I realized though that dentists are extensively trained on human neck and head anatomy – maybe more than any other specialty. We are dealing with injections every day, all day long. Injections that are placed on very sensitive areas of the head. We are very qualified to administer cosmetic injections with the right additional training.

When I started giving cosmetic injections, I got good feedback from patients. Most of my patients have gone to other providers for this treatment. When they get my treatment, their reaction is always “minimal pain” or “never thought I could get cosmetic injections with minimal pinches.” Many of my patients, especially the men, do not want the world to know they are undergoing aesthetic procedures. Getting this done at my office provides a discrete, safe, and comfortable option for cosmetic injection services.

A new challenge to renew your enthusiasm

It makes sense more and more each day for dentists to add facial aesthetics to their practice. Not only can I now offer more services to the patient but doing facial aesthetics offers a new challenge for me to be enthusiastic about. It gives variety of the daily routine. Instead of only doing dentistry in the same position, sitting down using dental loops, this service gives the same satisfaction of helping patients, with a fresh approach to helping them look and feel better.

Dentists may find in adding facial aesthetics that their day to day enthusiasm is refreshed and reset every time they see successful results. Sometimes in dentistry we tend to fix certain problems and periodontal disease that we know are important, but patients do not appreciate the benefits instantly. With facial aesthetics patients observe results in real time and get instant gratification! It is rewarding to see patients feeling happy about their results right away.